The box set features 18 coloured vinyl discs, cut from meticulously remastered files, and will launch alongside a 'Queen by Rega' turntable.

Said to have been five years in the making, the Queen: Studio Collection 180g vinyl box set was put together with the intention of delivering the "optimum sound quality", with every step of the process given the necessary care and attention and Queen's production team closely involved throughout.

Legendary engineer Bob Ludwig was chosen to re-master the entire project, adding to his 3000+ list of credits, before the records were cut at half speed (for extra accuracy) by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios.

Original tapes were uncovered and the best sources for each album and track were decided upon, before Ludwig made fresh 24bit/96kHz digital masters, free from any errors, clicks or unwanted noise.

Showell then cut lacquers and then masters at Abbey Road, using the half-speed cutting technique to ensure as accurate an end product as possible.

The vinyl records were then pressed at the Optimal pressing plant in Germany, known for its heavyweight 180 gram audiophile vinyl releases.

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New materials claim to guarantee that the coloured vinyl records do not compromise the audio quality - coloured vinyl traditionally being seen as sonically inferior to black records.

The box set features 18 discs that cover 15 studio albums. The Innuendo and Made in Heaven albums were only ever released as edited versions on vinyl but are presented here in full, split across four sides of vinyl. 

Queen II comes on two records, one white and one black (referencing the Side White and Side Black of the original release).

The colour of each vinyl record has been chosen according to the primary colour of the album artwork, though you will also be able to buy each LP individually on black vinyl.

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Queen by Rega turntable

To celebrate the release there will also be a Queen turntable. Working in conjunction with Rega, the 'Queen by Rega' deck features reproductions of classic Queen logos, including the Queen crest, designed by Freddie Mercury, printed across the platter.

The turntable features the hand-built RB101 tone arm, from the Rega RP1, a new high performance motor promising minimal noise and vibration, and a Rega Carbon MM cartridge. An optional upgrade to the Rega Bias 2 cartridge is also available.

A 108-page hardback book will accompany the box set, while every purchase will also come with free 320kbps MP3 downloads. There's no mention of hi-res downloads.

Exclusive editorial content about each album is set to be published on the Universal Music site in the run-up to the release. 

The Queen: Studio Collection box set will cost £285, while the Queen by Rega turntable costs £315. Both are set for release on 25th September.

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Stuartk's picture

More repeats than the BBC

Do I think it's all worth £635?

No because there have already been so many re vamps of the albums and singles.

I must admit I would love for all the albums to come out in as DVD-Audio's due to The Game and A Night at the Opera being simply brilliant.


SWEETOHM's picture

Only for die hard fans.

Such a shame, it's a nice bundel if your a Queen fan, but unfortunatly comes with a pay through your nose price tag! In essence it's just a new bundel of reinvention of whats already been out there for years.

That's modern day business for you I guess. 


chebby's picture

That Rega is going to drop in

That Rega is going to drop in value like yesterday's Pizza.


Arend van Maaren's picture

how wrong can you be ?

Over the weekend I bought the Queen box, and the sound is astonishing, how wrong can you be to say it's over priced, it's a bargain for what you get.  It's not business ( wel maybe ) but also love for their music. It's done so beautifully, pressed on great looking vinyl, you don't hear a thing between the songs, this is what we call "silent vinyl" . we will not talk about the music, you love it or hate it and you don't have to buy it, you can also buy one album because they're also released seperately on black vinyl buth with the same care as the albums in the box.