After almost eight decades of producing audio components, hi-fi specialist Quad has launched its first hi-fi separate featuring wireless music streaming support – the Vena integrated amplifier.

The stereo amp – complete with built-in digital-to-analogue converter – made its world debut earlier on this year at the Bristol Show back in February, but it will soon be possible to get your hands on the Vena yourself.

It is due to hit the shelves in mid-August in its standard Lancaster Grey finish for an expected retail price of £600. Three premium finish options - including Rosewood (below) - will be unveiled towards the end of the year, adding £100 to the cost.

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In addition to its wide range of digital and analogue inputs, the Quad Vena wirelessly streams music using aptX Bluetooth – the codec designed to offer the "best possible audio quality" from compatible devices.

Digital inputs include two optical and one coaxial, along with two asynchronous USB sockets – one Type A and one Type B. The latter, says Quad, is used for connecting PCs/Macs; the former for other Apple devices.

Meanwhile, digital outputs include optical and coaxial and analogue signals are catered for with two stereo RCA inputs and pre-out sockets that allow you to add an external power amplifier to the system.

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In terms of the built-in DAC, it comes with the same high-performance 24-bit/192kHz chipset as also found in Quad's flagship Platinum CD player, as well as a Class AB power amp section and headphone source.

A Quad spokesperson says: "Vena’s sound is richly musical, delivering an effortless, wide-bandwidth performance with free-breathing dynamics. Above all, it lets the music do the talking.

"It’s all about fidelity to the source – this has always been Quad’s way of doing things, and it’s the reason Quad products are still revered worldwide some eight decades after the company was founded."

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chebby's picture

In your Bristol show report

In your Bristol show report you said it was due in the shops in May.

The Quad 9AS (launched last year) is still not in stock in my local Quad dealership and their Quad rep hasn't a clue when/if he'll ever see one. 

Probably more 'woofle dust' that will never materialise (except a review sample of course) unless you live in the far-east.

I don't believe anything Quad 'announce' any more.

Tim Bowern's picture

Quad Vena and 9AS availabilty

Hi chebby,

I work with Quad on the PR front and I just thought I'd provide a little further info, in case it's useful. Regarding the Quad Vena launch date, the orginal WHF? news story was written after we previewed the amp with a pre-production unit at Bristol Sound & Vision in Feb. At the time, the predicted launch date was indeed May, so the news story was correct. However, as can often happen, production was subsequently delayed and a new launch date of August was set. We have just issued a press release to coincide, hence the updated news story - the first stock will arrive at Quad dealers around the middle of August.

The Quad 9AS active monitors were announced in a press release just before Christmas, and stock began arriving in early 2014. It's true to say that there has been something of shortage of stock to date - demand has exceeded supply - but the speakers have been available to order for the past six months. Of course, whether your local dealer has them in stock or not depends upon whether they have placed an order. I can certainly assure you that neither the Vena nor the 9AS are 'woofle dust'... Both are freely available to purchase (within the next couple of weeks, in the case of Vena) should you desire to do so! Smile

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Using the 'Little Quad' Vena to drive my big Kef R700's

Had reservations at first on whether the Vena was up to the task but all i can say is that it can control the Kefs with ease - well impressed