Qobuz is offering 80% savings on hi-res music this August

Qobuz is offering 80% savings on hi-res music this August
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Qobuz Fest is here, which apparently means huge savings on hi-res album downloads all month.

Over 40,000 24-bit albums are currently discounted by up to 80 per cent in the Qobuz Store. We'll save you (and us) an extremely long list of discounted albums, but savings include 40 per cent off Motown classics, 30 per cent off Sony's classical catalogue, and 20 per cent off Qobuz's Erased Tapes selection. Of the many, many albums on sale, there's 32 per cent off Radiohead's OK Computer OKNOTOK reissue, Aldous Harding's Party and Bauhaus' Singles, too. 

New offers will become available every week throughout the month, with the sale ending on 31st August.

You can see all the hi-res albums in the Qobuz Fest sale here.


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