Q Acoustics 1020i
Q Acoustics is raising prices on its hi-fi and AV loudspeakers by an average of 9.5 per cent from April 1st

Adverse fluctuations in currency exchange rates have claimed another victim, with Q Acoustics forced to increase the prices of its hi-fi and AV speakers by an average of 9.5 per cent from April 1st.

Q Acoustics is distributed in the UK by Armour Home Electronics. Tony Jones, category manager for the brand, says: "Unfortunately, the fall in value of Sterling against other major currencies in the last six months, especially the US Dollar, has led to an increase in our costs of more than 30 per cent.

"I'm sure everyone will understand that, under these circumstances, we can no longer hold our prices at their current levels."

However, Jones says the company has tried to keep increases to a minimum, with the average being 9.5 per cent.

And on the plus side, Q Acoustics is reducing the prices of its dedicated Q-AV floor stand, table stand and wall brackets. This means the  price of a complete Q-AV 5.1 speaker package, including the universal TV stand, is now £800, a reduction of £80.

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The rest of the product range will see price increases as follows:

1000 Series

1010i  £109.90

1020i  £139.90

1030i  £249.90

1050i  £369.90

1000Ci  £109.90

1000Si  £219.90

1010i 5.1 package  £549.60


Q-AV Series

5.1 package  £649.90

3.1 package  £549.90

Subwoofer  £289.90

Rear speakers  £99.90

Table stand  £149.90

Rotating floor stand  £399.90

Cantilever wall bracket  £129.90