Q Acoustics announces new "in-wall" loudspeakers

There are four new models to the range, all of which are available now. There are two full range '2-way' designs with 6.5-inch and 8-inch bass/mid-range drivers.

The third speaker is also a full range '2-way' model but has three driver units in a D'Appolito array - this is where two midrange drivers are arranged vertically, above and below the tweeter. Q Acoustics has used this to form a centre channel speaker. It's also known as the midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer (MTM) configuration.

The fourth and final model is a passive 8-inch subwoofer.

All of the new models benefit from Q Install's Nano Particle, mass damped, polypropylene coned low frequency drive units.

L-R: Qi65RP; Qi80RP; QiLCR65RP; QiSUB80SP

L-R: Qi65RP; Qi80RP; QiLCR65RP; QiSUB80SP

These units are claimed to deliver incredibly low distortion and a high transient power capability, thanks to high powered voice coil and magnet assemblies.

A silk dome tweeter provides high frequencies. Listeners are able to angle this tweeter in a number of different ways to project the sound to a certain area of the listening room. High frequency, switchable level adjustments can also be made on the crossover.

Q Acoustics has paid particular attention to the mid-range, reducing any sources of colouration, to ensure speech remains clear. Meanwhile, the latest models come with magnetic, low profile grilles for easy installation and customisation. The diameters of the grille holes have been optimised for their frequency range.

The in-wall speakers have shallow mounting requirements, with the maximum rear depth requirement for the Qi Sub 80SP subwoofer being less than 100mm.

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