PSB HD group
Two new models designed to produce big bass from compact cube enclosures

New from Canadian speaker company PSB Speakers is a pair of compact subwoofers, the result of an 18-month project to reduce the size of sub enclosures while maintaining performance.

The new models are the £600 HD8 and £800 HD10, the smaller model being a 27cm cube, and the larger just under 31cm on each side. Both use a single driver and twin opposed passive radiators, and each is powered by a hybrid 'Class H' amplifier.

The amp in the HD8 delivers 500W, with a peak output of 1600W, while the HD10's is a 750W design, capable of instantaneous peaks of 2000W. The subs use PSB's 'smart bass' monitoring to keep them on an even keel, and those opposed radiators help damp out resonances.

The drivers are long-throw designs, permitting excursions as great at 5cm, and have a progressive suspension to reduce colorations.

The HD8 uses a 20.3cm driver, plus two radiators of the same size, to give it bass extension down to 35Hz, while the HD10's driver and radiators are 25.5cm, taking it down to 30Hz.

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The controls include volume and crossover frequency, and a continuously variable phase control. An LFE input (RCA connection) plus gold-plated, high-level, binding posts are provided, and there's also a 12V trigger connection.

The subs are fitted with vibration reducing feet, and come in satin black finish. They're distributed in the UK by Armour Home Electronics.