PS5 Pro and new Xbox Series X consoles launching in 2023, says major TV maker

PS5 Pro and new Xbox Series X consoles launching in 2023 according to major TV maker
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Sony and Microsoft are gearing up to launch upgraded versions of their flagship games consoles next year, one TV manufacturer has predicted. Chinese tech giant TCL Technology – best known for its affordable TVs – reckons we'll see the PS5 Pro and a new Xbox Series X launch in either 2023 or 2024, with specs including native 8K support and 120Hz refresh rates.

TCL made the prediction at a conference, as first reported by Tom Henderson (via GamesRadar).

Native 8K gaming would make for sharper visuals, while 120Hz would mean less blur during fast-moving gameplay. TCL Technology also believes the consoles will boast an enhanced GPU for more powerful graphics.

Both consoles have been rumoured before, and it's also not the first time 2023 has been mentioned. But a public pronouncement from such a huge tech firm as TCL certainly lends the rumour credence.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X went on sale at the end of 2020. Despite being on sale for 18 months, both consoles have been hard to find, with chip shortages causing supply issues all around the world. The situation is now easing for the Xbox Series X, though Sony's PS5 is still in short supply at most retailers.


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    If we look at the games the current Series X is running at 4k 60fps, its limited so i don't think the upgraded version is going to run the same games at native 8k if any games at all unless it can double the performance of the current Series X. Also, i don't see the average people using 8k displays anytime soon so why bother pushing 8k... It should push 4k to 60fps for all games and 120fps for the few but i think 60fps should be the goal with better graphics on par with PC gaming rather than 8k that will not be supported for most content in and outside of gaming for many years to come as 4k isn't fully supported as is.

    In my opinion, i think TV's should push for 21:9 ratio and move away from this horrid 16:9 that most content shown on TV is a cropped image from a 21:9 image filmed natively with a camera near that ratio. My phone records at 21:9... Also, most people cant tell the difference from a 8k from a 4k at normal home viewing distance.