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Sony has added a much-requested feature to the PlayStation 4 – a Media Player for music, videos and images.

The new Media Player app, which is a free download from the PS Store via the content area on the PlayStation 4 menu, works with devices connected to your home network and any plugged-in USB stick.

The Media Player can play music and videos, and display pictures. AAC and MP3 music files are supported, but there's no sign of FLAC or WAV, so no high-res audio. 

AVI, MKV, MP4 and MPEG-2 TS video files are supported - the PS4 doesn't support 4K, so it's maximum HD video. BMP, JPEG and PNG picture files will all work, too.

This means you can now enjoy your own music, video and pictures in all their glory, or use your tunes as background music while you're gaming - a feature already available using Spotify on PS4.

There's no mention of being able to store and play music off the internal HDD, which was possible on the PlayStation 3And of course, on the subject of media playback, the PS4 still can't play CDs.

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The Media Player app is available to download on the PS4 now.

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FunkyMonkey's picture

The PS4 does not support 4k?

The PS4 does not support 4k?

utomo's picture

Not now. But we did not know

Not now. But we did not know if sony will support it soon. Sony need to support it, inklusif high resolution audio, at least on ps 5

Andy Clough's picture

Does PS4 support 4K?

Simple answer, no.