Pro-Ject announces RPM 5 Carbon turntable

Pro-Ject has used a decoupled motor and a new plinth design, based on the performance benefits it found with the RPM 9 and 10 Carbon editions. The plinth is designed to be low-resonance and is finished with a high quality gloss before being coated in carbon fibre. Three spiked feet can be found on the base of the turntable to help reduce resonance.

The platter is thick and made from an acrylic material, which Pro-Ject claims makes it “acoustically inert”. This should result in “the purest playback of any vinyl record”, no less.

A fully-detached 15V AC motor drives the platter, the design aiming to reduce interference while also delivering a “smooth and consistent rotation”.

The deck comes pre-fitted with the 9CC Evolution tonearm, which features a one-piece carbon fibre tube.

The Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon is available now in black, red and white for £899. Pro-Ject will fit a Quintet Black cartridge for an extra £400.

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