Power Skin Black
Fed-up with your iPhone dying on you at the crucial moment? How about trying the world's slimmest case-cum-charger?

Don't get us wrong, we love the Apple iPhone. A glance around our office tells its own story on that one. But it also makes us all too aware of its faults, and battery life is certainly one.

Well, Powerskin has something it hopes will put a plaster over that problem, with the Mili Power Skin, 'Made for iPhone' case. 

Not just a super-slim protective case for your iPhone, it also has an integrated battery – the very same battery as Apple's iPhone indeed.

This will give your beloved mobile an extra 19 hours audio play time, over 5 hours of video playback and up to 230 hours of standby time.

Available in eight different colours, the Mili Powerskin is on sale now from £50.

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