PMC MB2 XBDi speakers get cosmetic and technical upgrades


The new passive version of the speaker features the same hand-built 7.5cm mid-range and twin 30.5cm Radial bass drivers as the active version, but being passive can now be driven by a wide choice of amplification.

As with smaller models in the PMC range, the MB2 XBDi has undergone the 'i' series upgrades which include adding a Sonolex domed tweeter unit and dispersion plate, designed to provide an "open and delicate top-end with pin-point imaging", says PMC.

Cosmetic improvements mean that the cabinets are constructed with a higher density grade Medite and both internal and external faces are trimmed in real wood veneers, with a high sheen finish to the outside.

The powerful Radial bass units are said to produce low frequency extension down to 20Hz, and the "massively engineered", hand-built, 32-element, 24dB per octave crossover is housed in a dedicated enclosure and is mounted externally on the rear of the lower cabinet.

Sensitivity is measured at 91dB/w/m, impedance is 4 ohms and there are three pairs of speaker terminals for tri-wiring or tri-amping.

The MB2 XBCi can be used as a stereo pair, or with the MB2-Ci centre channel and XB2 subwoofer as part of a multichannel set-up.