Pioneer unveils three all-in-one home cinema systems

Pioneer has introduced three new 'receiver subwoofer home cinema systems'. There's a complete 5.1 system with receiver and speakers, plus a 3.1 soundbar-based system and a more traditional 2.1 system.

The systems are all capable of passing 3D video signals over HDMI (v1.4a) as well as decoding HD audio formats including DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD.

You'll find Pioneer's auto-calibration system on board as well as support for iPhones and iPods with a supplied digital USB connection.

The HTP-610 system includes a 5.1-channel speaker set-up, and outputs six channels of 100 watts. As with all the systems, the amplification and power goes through the subwoofer.

Next in line is the HTP-SB510 3.1-channel system, offering a soundbar solution that offers surround sound from one slim, flat speaker.

Lastly, the HTP-FS510 (pictured) delivers two standard speakers alongside the subwoofer-with-receiver.

All three systems are due out in December.

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