Pinnacle Audio showcases The Folio one-box music server

Pinnacle Audio The Folio

The Folio aims to combine 'pure unadulterated sound quality with massive storage capacity, and has no need for PCs or TV screens'.

Just connect to mains power and via Ethernet to your router, or a wireless bridge, and then via the analogue outputs to your hi-fi or active speakers.

It's a one-box solution – well, two with the power supply – with a CD-ripping drive that turns your CDs in to digital files of your choosing in a matter of minutes.

Set by default to rip in FLAC lossless format, you can also rip in Ogg Vorbis or good ol' MP3 at a bitrate of your choosing.

The package comes bundled with the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet that works as your touchscreen browser over your Wi-Fi network, with all the normal search and playlist functionality you'd expect.

The Folio comes with dual hard drives that using the RAID technology automatically uses one hard disk as a back-up copy of the other, which is handy.

Purchase The Folio direct from Pinnacle Audio, and take advantage of a special 15% discount at launch. The system with 2x250GB HDD is £2039, with 2x500GB it's £2124 and with 2x750GB it's £2379.

This discount seems to run until 31st March 2010 – so there's no great hurry – after which prices will revert to £2399, £2499 and £2799 respectively.

Head over to the Pinnacle Audio website for more information and look out for our review in the not too distant future.