Philips Streamium MCI900 hi-fi system goes on sale for £999

Philips Streamium MCI900

Now on sale in the UK for £999, the Philips Streamium MCI900 has an integrated CD/DVD player, streaming capability, internet radio, 160GB hard drive and a 3.5in colour screen.

The 'SoundSphere' technology used in the speakers is the result of a seven-year research programme by Philips's audio engineers at the company's Innovation Lab in Leuven.

In order to produce the widest dispersion of sound, the 25mm, soft-dome tweeters are mounted in their own thick, single piece aluminium enclosure supported by a rigid, sonically inert arm.

Philips says this frees the tweeters from any vibrations or standing waves within the main speaker cabinet, resulting in a more accurate and uncoloured sound.

The tweeter is positioned above the 5in woofer built into the top of the cabinet, and the woofer is angled slightly forwards to provide good sound projection.

As for the speaker cabinet, it's made from a single piece of 1.8cm thick extruded aluminium for maximum rigidity.

A Class D digital amplifier built into the main unit provides 50W per channel.

Ethernet, USB and 802.11n wi-fi connectivity means users can enjoy internet radio from around the world, stream tracks from a PC and record to the supplied 160GB USB hard drive.

An HDMI output allows users to watch DVDs by connecting the system to a TV.

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