Parasound launches P5 stereo preamplifier

Parasound has announced details of its latest stereo preamplifier, the P5.

The P5 has a built-in DAC, USB and S/PDIF inputs, and a phono stage to allow the connection of a turntable. The phono amp supports MM and MC cartridges with a choice of load impedances.

A balanced XLR subwoofer output is also onboard, and the P5 is capable of producing variable low and high frequency crossovers which Parsound believes offers "unequalled audio quality, specification and value".

The P5 also has a subwoofer channel with two output jacks for 2.1 listening, and simple integration with existing home theatre surround systems.

Bypass input jacks are also on hand, and allow the P5 stereo preamp to be used within a surround sound system. Incoming left, right and subwoofer channels are passed directly through to corresponding output jacks so none of the P5's integrated circuits or controls have an effect on the signals.

A headphone jack with a 10 ohm output impedance is included, as is a remote control. A rack mounting adaptor is sold seperately.

The Parasound Halo P5 is available now in silver or black for £999.

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By Max Langridge

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