Optoma NuForce: New hi-fi and home cinema products unveiled

You'll have the chance to take a look at the new streamlined Optoma NuForce series for yourself over at the Bristol Show this time next month, but if you can't wait until then, here's the lowdown.

In the home cinema segment, Optoma NuForce has launched the AVP18 AV processor pre-amp and MCA20 multi-channel amp, both of which aim to complement Optoma's projector portfolio.

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The company says the AVP18 is "engineered for audio purists", but comes with "the simplest and most functional set of features". It'll also stream audio wirelessly with the BTR1 Bluetooth receiver.

Meanwhile, the MCA20 is capable of providing up to 2,224W (278W per channel) and comes with an eight-channel design that means it can be used both in home cinema or business settings.

It's also described as the "perfect tool" for specialist surround sound systems and as a multi-room distribution amplifier. Elsewhere, the MCA20 features a number of connection points to the rear.

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With regards to hi-fi products, Optoma NuForce introduces the DDA120 integrated digital amp; the HA200 headphone amp; the DAC80 DAC/pre-amp; and the BTR100/BTR1 Bluetooth receivers.

The DDA120 comes with the BTR1 receiver free of charge and can be connected to a whole host of sources, while the HA200 is said to be capable of driving "any set of headphones".

Optoma NuForce's DAC80 can support high-res audio up to 24-bit/192kHz and will convert high-res DSD files. It also boasts digital 32-bit volume control for "extremely precise channel tracking".

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In the mobile category, there is just one product at the moment and that's the uDAC3. This digital-to-analogue converter/headphone amp is designed to upgrade the sound output of PCs/Macs.

Not only that, but Optoma NuForce says we can expect to see the addition of a new multi-channel amplifier; a stereo power amplifier; and a brand-new range of headphones in the months ahead.

"We are building on NuForce’s reputation of high quality audio equipment and are excited to introduce these brilliant products to the UK," said Optoma territory manager Nick Price.

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