Onkyo's iOS-compatible headphones work with high-res audio app

Onkyo has some stylish new headphones to go with its new iOS HF Player EQ App we reported on last week.

The £200 ES-CTI300 on-ear and £150 IE-CTI300 in-ear headphones both come with a detachable oxygen-free 6N copper cable with inline controls and a mic for use with Apple iOS devices. They're compatible with all current and legacy iPod, iPhone and iPad models.

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The on-ears have a silver finish and leather-effect earpads, and are fitted with two 4cm titanium drivers backed by high-capacity bass chambers encased in lightweight aluminium earcups.

As for the in-ears, they use a 14.3mm driver and aluminium/ABS hybrid enclosures. Both models will be on sale in December.

By Andy Clough

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