NHK premieres 8K content at SXSW

NHK, the Japanese state broadcaster which co-developed HLG content with the BBC, is demonstrating 8K content at South by Southwest (SXSW) this week.

It's using a theatre to showcase 2D and 3D musical experiences, including rock, orchestral, and jazz peformances by a variety of artists. Video is being shown on a 200in screen, and audio is via a 22.2-channel set-up.

The broadcaster is also taking the opportunity to announce an 8K TV channel at the start of December this year, which it claims will be the first 8K channel in the world.

This news comes shortly after Samsung confirmed its line up of televisions for 2018, which includes an 8K screen. It's 85in, 7680 × 4320 resolution set will be called Q9SN, and is due sometime in the second half of this year.

Whether there will be much content to watch on it, at least until NHK's channel launches, remains to be seen. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is the main target of 8K TV in Japan, but we might see more now such TVs look like they'll be available well before then.

Sony and LG have their own offerings coming in the future. Sony is planning an 88in OLED 8K TV, while LG displayed an 85in 8K display at CES 2018.

Ready or not, high(er) resolution is coming...


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