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NEWS: Voix MPX speaker system takes the long view

This is the new 2.1 speaker system from Voix, designed for use with iPods. mobile phones and MP3 players.

The £259 floorstanding speakers use aluminium-cone drivers and come complete with remote control, plus a dock atop one of them and 3.5mm socketry for the connection of non-Apple portable players.

But like us, you're probably wondering where the '.1' is, since there's no sign of a subwoofer.

Look closely and you'll spot that the two speakers aren't quite identical – apart from the obvious matter of the iPod dock, of course.

The one on the right is an 'X' speaker, complete with control electronics and a downward-firing subwoofer. The one on the left is a 'Y'.

The speakers claim a 72W output, and use a 25mm tweeter and 4x5cm mid/bass units per channel, giving them a claimed frequency response of 120Hz-18kHz.

The subwoofer in the right speaker is a 9cm unit, powered by a 36W amplifier and extending the bass response down to 50Hz.

The speakers are finished in piano black, and come complete with an auxiliary output for an external amplifier and a subwoofer output, plus a remote control handset.

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