NEWS: Surround sound via a Crystal wireless set

Fancy a complete THX-certified surround speaker system, only without the clutter of cables? Greek loudspeaker company Crystal Audio has developed its THX-3D12 Wireless system to cut the cables to the rear speakers without compromising on sound quality.

The system, starting from £1500, uses the TR-200m/300W wireless transmission package, has a stereo sender unit to connect to your AV receiver or processor.

The other half of the package is a pair of remote 150W monobloc power amplifiers with wireless reception built-in, used to drive the system's dipole rear speakers.

The transmitter can connect to speaker-level outputs or preouts, and uses the 2.4GHz band to carry 16-bit/48kHz digital audio. This is claimed to give a maximum range of 200m in 'line of sight' , or more typically 25m indoors.

The front speakers in the system use 16.5cm fibre weave mid/bass drivers and unusual 25mm spherical tweeters, which can be rotated to face the listening position. The subwoofer, meanwhile, has a 30.5cm long-throw driver powered by a 200W amp.

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