NEWS: Sony’s feature-packed budget receiver range offers auto-calibration from just £179

Sony’s launching three new receivers in its STR-DG range, which slots in below the Award-winning STR-DA1200ES model. And though these are clearly budget designs, the company hasn’t skimped on the features – even the entry-level STR-DG510, at just £179, has HDMI switching and Sony’s Digital Cinema Auto-Calibration automatic set-up system.

The basic model also has 1080i pass-through on its HDMI connectors, and delivers 5x90W output. There are two HDMI inputs and one output, the same provision in component video, and three digital inputs – two optical and one electrical. Sony’s Digital Cinema Sound processing is also available, handling Dolby Digital/Pro-Logic IIx and DTS. The receiver is available in silver or black, as are all three new models.

The £249 STR-DG710 (seen at the top of this story) adds 6x100w output and Sony’s Bravia Theatre Sync system, enabling one-remote control of a complete system via HDMI. The HDMI system is a repeater, able to extract Dolby Digital/DTS surround from the HDMI stream and pass stereo to your TV, and there’s 1080P video pass-through. In addition, the STR-DG710 has Sony’s Digital Media port, into which can be plugged optional adapters to interface with the company’s Walkman players and phones, Bluetooth devices, wireless networks and iPods.

The top model in the range is the STR-DG910 (above), which adds 7x100W output, a three-in-one-out HDMI repeater, video upconversion to 1080P from progressive sources and 1080i from interlaced, an on-screen display and extra inputs. But the most important feature here is the ability to accept high-definition Linear PCM sound via HDMI, giving it compatibility with Blu-ray and HD DVD players able to convert from the high-resolution Dolby/DTS formats to Linear PCM. The STR-DG910 will sell for £359.

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