NEWS: Solar backpack saves batteries – and your life?

We're used to lofty claims about products here at What Hi-fi? Sound and Vision, but life-saving properties remain a rare boast.

Still, that's precisely one of benefits mentioned in the press release for Computer Supermarket's new Nanomars solar backpack. It'll allow mountaineers to keep their mobile phones and GPS devices fully powered, you see – as well as keeping us mere mortals in iPod power, one assumes.

The £60 backpack sucks power in via its solar panel, which converts it for storage in/output from the bag's built-in Li-ion battery. That output can be adjusted to suit the voltage needs of a range of gadgets, too.

“As both a practical backpack and portable power station for all your gadgets, our money’s on this becoming the gadget of the season,” says Computer Supermarket’s Ian Bird. “With adjustable voltage output it will work on just about any piece of electrical equipment and you can forget about lugging around different adaptors for different countries, as the sun’s always up there.”

Not today in rainy Teddington, sadly... but happily, the backpack's battery can also be filled via the mains or a USB connection.

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