NEWS: Sennheiser's 'phones for Phones

Sennheiser has launched a new version of its CX300 earphones, complete with a right-angled 2.5mm jack to suit the smaller sockets of mobile phones and PDAs.

Now all someone's got to do is persuade music-mobile owners to use them, rather than treating us all to their tunes via their handsets' speakers...

The CX300 in-ears are a five-star favourite of ours, offering entry-level noise-isolation and a detailed dynamic performance that blow-away freebie 'buds' for music performance.

The Sennheiser CX300 2.5mm is available now, priced - like the 3.5mm original - at £40. It comes in a black finish, with the 3.5mm version now available in black, white or pink.

A cheaper mobile-friendly alternative - if you've already got upgrade headphones you're happy with - is a 3.5-to-2.5mm adapter, like this...

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