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NEWS: Madonna to release Hard Candy album exclusively on Vodafone from April 21

Vodafone customers will be the first to hear tracks from Madonna's new album Hard Candy on their mobiles before its full release on April 28.

Following a deal between Vodafone and Warner Music International, seven tracks will be made available for download on Vodafone at the rate of one per day from April 21, a week before the album's shop release.

Each track will remain live for 24 hours for download before being replaced by the next one.

Vodafone customers will also have access to Madonna's mini site on Vodafone Live!, which will include one week of exclusive, associated mobile content, such as ringtones, ringback tones and SMS tones.

"As the number one digital music service provider in the mobile telecommunications indiustry in Europe, Vodafone has revolutionised the way people experience music on their mobiles and the collaboration with Warner Music builds on that heritage," says Frank Rovekamp, global chief marketing officer, Vodafone Group.

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