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NEWS: Linn's Majik slice of turntable history

Thirty-five years after the launch of the Sondek LP12, Linn has released an all-new tribute of sorts, the Majik LP12.

Based on the original, benchmark-setting Sondek, the Majik version adds a new Linn power supply, a solid base board, an Adikt MM cartridge and a Pro-Ject 9cc tonearm.

The stylishly understated LP12 looks set to sell for around £2000.

Naturally enough, Linn is keen to stress that all parts of the new deck have been designed and built with untold care and precision. The solid base delivers the necessary platform for high quality audio, the sub-chassis having been machine-pressed to provide a strong, consistent foundation.

The LP12 has a thick, flat Neoprene belt for higher friction, while the inner and outer platters are machined to the tolerance – again to ensure consistency, here that means in terms of keeping speed. A single-piece carbon-fibre formed armtube and headshell do the more visible work of taking the audio from the vinyl.

Housed in a solid, kiln-dried wood plinth, and upgradeable with any Linn turntable accessory, the Majik12 is available in five different finishes. It's out now.