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NEWS: KEF expands Instant Theatre concept to AV speakers

Having used flat-panel loudspeakers to provide surround channels by reflection from walls in its Instant Theatre systems, KEF is now bringing the concept to a range of speakers designed for use with conventional AV amps and receivers. The FIve Two series provides five-channel surround from just two speakers, and the speakers start from £600 a pair.

The range comprises two speaker models: the stand/wall-mount Model 7 (left), which uses a total of seven drive units in each speaker and costs around £600 a pair, and the 11-driver-per-speaker Model 11 (below), at around £1100 a pair.

In each case the speakers use vertical flat panels on the side of the speakers to bounce the rear channels around the room, creating the impression of sound coming from behind the listener.

Meanwhile KEF's celebrated Uni-Q drivers create the front left, right and centre channels, using their usual tweeter within a woofer design to ensure precise imaging.

The speaker are available in either the silver finish shown or gloss black, and come with a complete set of connection cables to enable them to be used with any conventional AV amp or receiver.

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