NEWS: Give your new iPod nano the protection it deserves

It's all very well buying a shiny new iPod, but chances are that after a few weeks of hard use it will be scratched to death.

So if you want to keep your cherished purchase looking like new, Gear4, purveyors of numerous iPod accessories, is unleashing an entire collection of protective cases for the new iPod nano.

You can wrap your new nano in a black leather jacket for £15, or if you prefer a more contemporary look there's the Code:1, an "urban style" wallet made from water-resistant rubber and durable nylon (£20).

Sporty types can go for the Sports Armband (£20), and for the real adrenalin junkies among you, there's a range of heavy-duty JumpSuits made from silicon, available in black or white (£15).

And if you really must protect your nano in pink, there's the brushed aluminium case (£15) available in pink – as well as silver or black.

A similar range of cases for the Classic and Touch will be available shortly, says Gear4.

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Andy Clough

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