NEWS: EU pushes phone companies to adopt a single mobile TV standard

It looks like the DVB-H system is set to become the standard for TV on mobile phones across Europe, thanks to a decision by telecoms commissioner Viviane Reding. But there could be problems here in the UK, as sufficient spectrum to handle the services won't be available until the analogue TV switch-off is complete in 2012.

Ms Reding (pictured) says that DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting for Handhelds), which was developed with EC research funding, is 'the strongest contender for future mobile TV'. The commission is keen to get a Euro-standard up and running as soon as possible, before competing systems form other countries get a toehold in the European market.

2008 is seen as a vital time for TV-enabled mobiles to gain popularity in Europe, thanks to the European Championship football and the Beijing Olympics. And Reding says the adoption of DVB-H will be 'legally encouraged' across the 27 member states, with the option of making it mandatory next year.

At the moment there are at least six other mobile TV standards have either been adopted in other countries or trialed in certain European areas.

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