NEWS: Densen's £2000 B-130 amplifier

No, the Densen people don't just find new products when they're out beachcombing near their factory in Esbjerg, Denmark – in fact this is the new B-130 integrated amplifier, which rather logically fits into the company's range between the B-110 and B-150 models.

Densen describes the new arrival, which will sell for £2000, as a 'downscaled B-150, using many of the same advanced solutions'. The 80W per channel design follows the company's usual combination of high-quality components and innovative internal layout, including a non-feedback topology for clarity and involvement.

It also uses very fast and durable output transistors to ensure it performs reliably into a wide range of loads, and has separate power supplies for the output transistors, drivers, preamp section and microprocessors.

Surface-mounting of components has enabled Densen to keep the internal circuitboards small, reducing opportunities for external electromechanical interference. Each amplifier board is only the size of a credit card.

Flexibility comes as standard, too: the amp can accept the DP-03 moving magnet phono board, as well as the forthcoming DP-06 moving coil version. It can also be fitted with Densen's SAXO electronic crossover, enabling it to be used with a fully active speaker system.

A processor loop is provided, simplifying integration with surround systems, and the amp will also accept the SB-1 or SB-2 analogue surround boards for use with players with 5.1 or 7.1 analogue outputs.

The amp also has Densen's DenLink multiroom connections, and comes with a lifetime first-owner warranty.

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