As reported in News, there's a whole stack of new home cinema equipment on the way from Yamaha over the next couple of months.Above is the £1100 RX-V2065 receiver. complete with set-up microphone and its two remote control handsets, while below are first the BD-S1900 Blu-ray player and  below it the more upmarket BD-S1065.There are two new Digital Sound Projector home cinema solutions in the line-up, offering one-box surround sound and designed for mounting under your TV. Both are available in December.This is the larger of the two, the £1499 YSP-5100: it has HD audio decoding, four HDMI inputs and one output, Intellibeam steering, Univolume level equalisation, and Yamaha's Airwired wireless technology to connect an iPod or iPhone and the optional subwoofer.The smaller YSP-4100, selling for £1199, has similar features in a smaller housing.This is Yamaha's £499 YHT-S400 system, combining a slimline Onebar speaker housing with a unique combined receiver and subwoofer. Selling for £500, it creates surround sound effects using AirSurround Xtreme processing, has mutlichannel LPCM audio input, and three HDMI inputs and a monitor output.Other facilities extend to a socket accepting the £78 YDS-11 iPod dock or £98 YBA-10 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver for music streaming.Or for £949 you can buy the system with the BD-S1065 Blu-ray player, as the YHT-S1400. The systems will be available in the next month or so.Finally there's the MCR-640 stereo micro system (below). It has a CD player, 30-preset FM/DAB tuner, integrated iPod dock and a USB port. It delivers 2x65W, and will be available in December complete with two-way speakers for £599, or £490 without the speakers.