Sanus Foundations BFAV550
Three-tier rack comes with optional TV mount for simple installation

New from Sanus is this £200 Foundations BFAV550 TV/AV stand, on sale now.

The top shelf is designed to take TV screens up to 56in and weighing a maximum 57Kg. Alternatively, for users who prefer their TV to be mounted higher up, there's the optional FMK065 mount kit (£99) that can be attached to the rear of the rack, leaving the three shelves clear for your electronics.

The FMK065 is height adjustable and includes Sanus's Virtual Axis tilt technology so the screen can be positioned for the correct viewing angle with just the push of a finger.

Available in a chestnut or chocolate finish, the rack comes with built-in cable management and the open shelves allow plenty of airflow around your components to keep them cool.

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