Naim's 'future of hi-fi' event takes to the road

Future of Hi-Fi

Naim's 'Future of Hi-Fi' event kicks off on March 28th and tours around the country until May 23rd.

The series of events, held in conjunction with retailers around the UK, gives hi-fi enthusiasts the opportunity to interact with Naim staff, listen to music and learn more about streaming.

Naim's entire range of digital separates and all-in-one systems will be on demo including the newly-launched NDS reference network player.

Visitors will be able to listen to music from standard- and high-resolution sources including Naim label's remix and remaster of Antonio Forcione and Sabina Sciubba's album Meet Me in London, in 24-bit/192kHz resolution.

Customers can register their interest in attending at Once registered, they will receive an email confirming the details of their chosen event, and can enter a prize-draw on the day to win a UnitiQute all-in-one player.

The full list of dates and events is as follows:

Retailer Location Confirmed Date

Acoustica Chester Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd April
Audience Bath Wednesday 28th March
Audio Room Hull Wednesday 23rd May
Audio T Bristol Thursday 29th March
Audio Venue Maidenhead Thursday 10th May
Basically Sound Norwich Thursday 19th April
Billy Vee London Wednesday 16th May
CeriTech Audio Monmouth Thursday 24th May
Custom Electronic Design Egham Thursday 12th April
Cymbiosis Leicester Thursday 12th April
Doug Brady Warrington Saturday 14th April
Graham's Hi-Fi London Thursday 17th May
Hi-Fi Corner Edinburgh Wednesday 16th May
Infidelity Kingston-upon-Thames Wednesday 9th May
Loud & Clear Glasgow Thursday 10th May
Loud & Clear Edinburgh Saturday 12th May
Oranges & Lemons London Thursday 3rd May
PJ Hi-Fi Guildford Wednesday 11th April
Rayleigh Chelmsford Saturday 19th May
Robert Ritchie Montrose Tuesday 15th May
Signals Ipswich Thursday 29th March

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