NAD's new flagship CD player


It's said to combine a sound quality close to that of the company's M5 series machine with digital inputs to allow external sources to be fed through its digital-to-analogue conversion system.

The new machine combines an upsampling system able to take digital signals up to 96kHz or even 192kHz, and this feeds 24-bit 192kHz dual differential digital-to-analogue conversion from Wolfson Microelectronics.

The conversion system also also has a variable-slope digital filter, to enable the user to tune the player to suit personal tastes.

As well as accepting data from the onboard drive, the player has both a front-panel USB socket, to allow music stored on memory keys or external drives to be played, and optical digital inputs for external devices.

It can handle MP3 and WMA files as well as CD-standard WAVs, and inputs can be selected on the front panel or using the remote.

The C565BEE also uses what the company describes as "ultra-clean multiple regulated power supplies to feed its varied circuits and mechanical parts.

"Careful circuit layouts, short signal paths, and rigorous attention to detail further maximise performance.

"NAD also uses the best quality FET audio OpAmps, selected for their wide bandwidth and low noise. They're able to deliver ample current with a very low source impedance, making the C565BEE less sensitive to cable capacitance."

The player goes on sale next month, at £600. It's distributed by Armour Home Electronics.