Monster's MDP 850
The Monster MDP 850 GreenPower PowerCenter aims to save energy and money by automatically turning off AV kit when not in use

Want to do your bit for saving the planet? Monster, the cable company, is now selling its GreenPower PowerCenter MDP 850 mains block for £129.95 through Comet stores in the UK.

The MDP 850 is designed to save energy by automatically turning off home cinema and hi-fi components when not in use.

Noel Lee, head of Monster, says: "Many electronics consume energy even when they're not being used. This includes everything from HDTVs to Blu-ray and DVD players and AV receivers.

"With GreenPower, we applied innovative technologies that work automatically to reduce energy waste from products that are not in use."

In addition to saving electricity, the MDP 850 also provides surge protection and features Monster Clean Power HD filtering to reduce electronic interference.

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Colour-coded sockets make it easier to identify which product is plugged into which socket, and the unit comes with a 2.5m power cable.