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Monster unleashes Tron Light Disc iPod dock

Monster Tron Light Disc dock

First we had the Monster Tron: Legacy headphones, and now Monster has added to its Tron-inspired product range with this illuminated frisbee.

Actually, we jest. This is in fact the new Tron Light Disc iPod dock, yours for £200.

Its design was inspired by Tron: Legacy's 'identity disc', an iconic element of the film. The high-intensity, dual pipe lighting rings are intended to "recreate the excitement of the film's awesome visual effects", we're told.

You also get Tron-themed menu icons, a 3D motion menu screen and a Tron 2.3 player and alarm clock app.

The latter unlocks a special digital clock when users dock their iPhone or iPod, and they can choose from a selection of lighting settings that react with the music being played. Disco fever anyone?

As for the more basic stuff, there's a 3.5mm jack for connecting other devices, plus four 1.5in drivers and a 3.5in long-throw woofer to pump out the sound.

The Tron Light Disc iPod dock will accept an iPod nano, iPod Touch (generations 1-3) or iPhone (1, 3G, 3G S, 4).

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