Monoprice Monolith turntables: Audio-Technica cartridges and vast connectivity from just $199

Monolith Monoprice 600046
(Image credit: Monoprice (Monolith))

Monolith, the audio brand from Monoprice, has just announced three new belt driven turntables boasting premium components, innovative features and affordable price points. 

The decks include Audio‑Technica moving magnet cartridges, aluminum platters and carbon fibre tonearms, plus adjustable counterweight and anti-skating adjustments to promise high fidelity sound for an excellent listening experience.

Even the base model turntable has an Audio‑Technica AT‑3600L cartridge preinstalled, while the two higher-end models are loaded with Audio‑Technica's AT‑VM95E cartridges that feature an elliptical stylus and a powerful output level. Here, the housing includes threaded inserts that enable the cartridge to be mounted to the headshell with just two screws – no nuts required. 

All three turntables feature selectable phono level and line level outputs, enabling connection to any line level input on an amp or powered speakers. Monolith tells us that the integrated Bluetooth also lets listeners wirelessly connect their turntable to any Bluetooth‑enabled playback device with ease. 

Each of the new Monolith turntables also features a USB output to connect directly to an outboard DAC or computer, thus giving you the option to safeguard your vinyl collection digitally.

Monolith 600045

(Image credit: Monoprice (Monolith))

The entry-level Monolith 600045 turntable (above) rocks a sleek glossy black finish that shines across the base of the turntable, while its machined aluminium speed selector and start/stop knobs provide a classy contrast.

The more premium Monolith AT‑VM95E-equipped turntables can either be selected in the same gloss black as the AT-3600L model (600047), or in a rich Walnut finish (600046) with anodized black aluminum control knobs.

Additionally, all three Monolith turntables are equipped with a lightly tinted dust cover.

Pricing? We're told that prices start from just $199 (roughly £145 or AU$275, before import charges) but check back with us soon for more detailed pricing.


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  • Skinewmexico
    Pretty disappointing so far. Muffled vocals, yet the instruments sound good. It may be something I did, or I may just be used to the old B&O turntable my ex kept.