MANCHESTER SHOW: Olive showcases Opus 4 CD-ripping wireless system

Opus N4

The Opus 4 can play and crucially rip your CD collection to its built-in hard disk drive. Add a pair of active speakers or a stereo system to release your tunes.

There's no need for a PC or an Internet connection to get started, though you can connect the Opus N4 to your home network via Ethernet and, with the optional Melody N4 zone player, add up to 15 extra rooms of music.

As well as the bundled remote controls there's a free downloadable App for the iPhone that allows you to control the system, too.

The main unit has a smart design complete with a 4.3in touchscreen display for navigating your music library.

Set to rip in the FLAC format as standard you can also select WAV, MP3 and AAC format encoding at various bitrates.

There will be three HDD size units available at launch: a 500GB Opus N4 for £1500, a 1TB model for £1800 and a 2TB unit for £2000.