Making calls now 5th most popular smartphone activity

Making phone calls is now the fifth most popular use for smartphones, trailing behing web browsing and listening to music, according to a report by mobile operator O2.

The average user makes just 12 minutes of calls a day, compared to 25 minutes browsing the web.

Checking social networking sites, 17.5 minutes, listening to music, 15.5 minutes and playing games, 14.5 minutes, all trumped using the phone as, well, a phone.

O2's report, picked up by The Next Web, surveyed 2000 users and found we spend on average 2 hours a day on our smartphones (though we's imagine plenty of you will think that average figure's too low...).

The report suggested around 39% of people now use their smartphone instead of a camera, while 6% claim to use their phone in place of a TV. We're not so sure about that one...

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