Loewe introduces Klang 1 satellite speaker

Loewe's new speaker, the Klang 1, looks pretty discrete (and is even difficult to spot in the press photo).

Its cylindrical design can be positioned on a wall bracket, a table base or a floorstand, and the Klang 1's body is covered with black acoustic material, without any visible screws, seams, or fixings.

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On the inside is a 3in full-range drive unit, which Loewe says can seamlessly integrate with other Klang speakers or its recently released Subwoofer 300. The Klang 1 has a "precisely designed waveguide for optimal sound dispersion throughout the room", says Loewe.

The idea is that you would use a pair of Klang speakers for your left and right channels, with a Loewe TV acting as the central speaker and the Subwoofer 300 providing the amplification to create a 3.1 surround sound setup without the need for a receiver.

To create a 5.2 system you could add another pair of Klang 1s for the rear channels, driven by a second Subwoofer 300.

The Klang 1 is 17cm tall, 9.5cm wide and 9.5cm deep. It's available now, for £450 per pair.

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