Linn Klimax Exakt puts "the source in the speaker"

Linn has announced "a brand new category of music system", called the Linn Klimax Exakt. And after teasing the new product on its website, we have now have full details.

The Klimax Exakt system comprises the Klimax Exakt DSM and Klimax Exakt 350 speakers, and Linn claims the new system combines and improves on three of the company's key innovations: Source-First, Aktiv and DS.

Unveiled at Linn's 40th Anniversary Event – alongside a limited edition, £25,000 Sondek turntable made from old Whisky casks – the Klimax Exakt aims to deliver the "most direct connection that's ever been made between the artist and the listener".

It sends digital data losslessly, eliminating distortion and noise and only converts to analogue at the last possible stage. This results in sound being transmitted accurately and perfectly to the speaker, or at least that's the plan.

The digital-to-analogue process taking place inside the Exakt speaker, with a digital platform that includes signal correction and "eliminates phase and magnitude distortion".

Both speakers have a digital receiver, DAC and amplification inside. The aim is to keep the process digital from source to speaker, with as few points as possible for inaccuracies and errors to be introduced.

The Klimax Exakt can compensate for your individual room, too – a Linn specialist will come and "optimise your speakers for your room". Linn claims Exakt measures and corrects all variations, no matter how tiny to ensure every system performs exactly how it is expected to. Sounds impressive.

As with all Linn DSM players, all sources can be connected with Linn claiming benefits to performance for connected devices.

The Linn Klimax Exakt system comes with a £50,000 price tag and is available now from Linn specialists worldwide.

Visit the Linn website for more information.

by Joe Cox

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