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Lindy goes to great lengths to extend digital audio

New from accessory specialist Lindy is its Digital Audio Extender, using Cat 5 network cabling to allow your digital source and the product which it's connected to be up to 150m apart.

The £125 system can accept either electrical/coaxial or optical inputs at its transmitter, and has the same choice of outputs at the receiver end, and can be used with Cat5/5e/6 cable to provide an inexpensive long digital signal path.

It supports data transmissions rates of up to 16Mb/s, both stereo and multichannel (Dolby Digital/DTS) content and sample rates from 32-96kHz.

Power comes from an external power supply, included in the price, connected to one of the two units, or the system can be powered from from the USB port of a computer.

The Digital Audio Extender is available now from Lindy's online shop.

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