LGD Kwon Young-soo
LGD boss says two companies have got back together after a seven-year hiatus

LG Display has resumed its partnership with Sony after seven years, and is once again supplying it with small- and medium-sized TV display products, according to the Korean company's CEO, Kwon Young-soo.

Speaking at CES 2011, Kwon said that 'LG Display (LGD) and Sony have resumed partnership that was halted for the past seven years,' adding that 'There will be many things to learn in resumption of partnership with Sony that has high technology competitiveness.'

And he went on to suggest that LG's Film-type Patterned Retarder (FPR) 3D panels, jointly developed by LGD and the company's chemical division, will soon take over from existing active-shutter 3D TV technology, as currently used by most rival companies.

Including Sony.

Kwon told his audience that 'An estimated 70% of global 3D TV manufacturers are likely to adopt the FPR type panel this year.'

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But what of the auto-stereoscopic – ie glasses-free – 3D technology? '[The] auto-stereoscopic panels developed by Toshiba have technological difficulties to overcome and will take quite some time to be commercialised,' Kwon said.

And he concluded his remarks by sounding a warning to LG's Korean rival in the consumer electronics business, saying that within a year 'LGD's technological capability will be able to reach the level of Samsung Electronics especially in the mobile sector'.Follow whathifi.com on Twitter Join whathifi.com on Facebook