LG 3D 23in
23in 3D LCD panel delivers 1080p resolution, works with shutter glasses

LG Display has launched the world's first commercial LCD panel with full HD 3D resolution, and it's already shipping the product to 'a global PC manufacturer'.

The new model is a 23in display designed for use with shutter glasses to give the 3D effect, and delivers a picture quality almost twice as high as that possible on current 3D-enabled PC displays, which use polarising effects to deliver the effect.

The panel can show both 3D and 2D images, and uses proprietary technologies such as a 'high performance 3D exclusive controller', said to be able to process twice as much data as other 3D LCDs', and 'copper bus line' for better image quality and resolution.

Davis Lee, Vice President of LG Display and head of its IT marketing department, says that “LG Display has made a major breakthrough in the display industry race to deliver the depth and dynamic nature of 3D images.

"LG Display will continue with efforts to keep pace with the fast growing 3D market with leading 3D technology and products.”

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