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Klipsch wants to replace your soundbar with its 'The Fives' active speakers

Klipsch wants to replace your soundbar with its 'The Fives' active speakers
(Image credit: Future)

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your TV's built-in speakers probably don't sound very good. Connecting a soundbar is one way to solve this of course, but there is an affordable, convenient alternative: a pair of active speakers with a HDMI or optical input.

It's a product we're seeing more and more of, with Audio Pro among the most recent brands to enter the active speaker market with nicely priced, HDMI-toting models. And now Klipsch has introduced a pair called The Fives, which we have just spied at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show following their worldwide debut at CES last month.

(Image credit: Future)

With HDMI, Bluetooth, optical, USB, 3.5mm and phono inputs, The Fives are active stereo bookshelf speakers that can hook up to almost any source – a TV, turntable, CD player or smartphone, for example. 

They feature 1in titanium tweeters on tractrix horns – a common design trait of Klipsch speakers – coupled with a 4.5in woofer, all housed inside black- or woodgrain-finished wooden cabinets that sport source input and volume dials on their top panels.

The Fives look very promising indeed and are expected to launch in spring for around £800/$800.


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