Klipsch launches new range of Synergy hi-fi and home cinema speakers

Klipsch Synergy B20 system

The Synergy Series is a 'newly re-engineered' line-up that evolves from the original Klipsch speaker series of the same name, first launched in the US in 1997.

The company's familiar Tractrix Horn technology is present and correct, alongside "a new network structure, updated voicing and a more contemporary look".

The eight new models consist of three floorstanding towers (F-30, F-20 and F-10), one bookshelf model (B-20), two centre channels (C-20 and C-10) and two surround speakers (S-20 and S-10).

Klipsch's wide dispersion surround technology (WDST) is included with the two surround speakers, aiming to provide maximum dispersion and allow more flexible positioning.

All the speakers use an injection moulded graphite (IMG) material for the woofer cones, alongside the Tractrix horn tweeters, and are available in a black ash vinyl veneer.

The B-20 bookshelf speakers are £298 per pair, the F-10 floorstanding speakers are £398/pr, the F-20s are £598/pr and the F-30s £798/pr.

The S-10 surrounds will retail at £298/pr, the S-20s are £398/pr, and there are two centre channel speakers, the C-10 and £149 and the C-20 at £199.

Klipsch suggests four Synergy systems: the B20 compact 5.1 for £1044 (pictured), the F10 5.1 system at £1144, an F20 package at £1544 and a F30 system for £1742.

They're due out this October, and we'll have a review of some of the new Klipsch Synergy speakers just as soon as we can get them.

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