Klipsch G17
Wireless streaming from portables to dock is now possible without a router-based wireless network

Klipsch has made its G-17 Air AirPlay iPhone/iPod dock (£430) Wi-Fi Direct compatible, meaning you can stream music from portables to the dock wirelessly even when there is no router-based wireless network nearby.

Wi-Fi Direct allows a single user to stream tunes from up to 30 feet away, say in the garden or when on holiday. The upgrade is available via Klipsch's free set-up app on Apple's App Store.

Streaming via AirPlay is also possible when the G-17 is in range of your home wi-fi network. And the dock is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets when using the Android music player app.

For wired connection of portable devices to the dock, there are 3.5mm and USB inputs too. These cannot be used when Wi-Fi Direct is employed.

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