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KEF updates M200 headphones with Comply ear-tips

The British manufacturer says the introduction of the Comply ear-tips brings with it a number of benefits, including a more "faithful" fit inside the user's ear canal for a better seal.

A better seal, says KEF, ensures enhanced noise-isolation, greater comfort and an improved perceived sound performance – and all at the same price of the £150 M200 buds.

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KEF M200s are now being shipped with the Comply ear-tips as standard, while existing users of the earphones can receive the ear-tips for free if their product has been registered.

In addition to Comply ear-tips, the M200s boast two-way Dual Dynamic Driver technology that consists of a pair of 10mm and 5.5mm drivers on each side and the free-form Secure Arm.

The M200s mark the company's first attempt at bud-type earphones and we've already had an opportunity to test them out, praising them for their "detailed, smooth and open sound".

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