John Lennon letters app for iPad launched by Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Publisher Weidenfeld & Nicolson and Haymarket Network have created a John Lennon Letters app for Apple iPads.

The app is a unique collection of the private letters of John Lennon, annotated and contextalised by Hunter Davies for a global audience of Lennon and Beatles fans.

With audio from Christopher Eccleston and links to John Lennon's music on iTunes, it offers a different but complementary experience to the hardback book The John Lennon Letters published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

The app is available on the Apple App Store from today for £5.99, and includes the following:

• 78 letters selected from Hunter Davies’s book The John Lennon Letters (with an additional ten letters, exclusive to the app) organised by chronology, recipients, themes and exclusivity

• Cast list of characters featured in the book and exclusive to the app

• Ability to explore highlighted content in letters through annotated contextual panels

• Access to transcripts for every letter for complete legibility, plus supporting notes

• Curated playlist of John Lennon music via iTunes

• Flip postcards to see both front and reverse

• Audio of John’s letters by Christopher Eccleston

• Foreword recorded by Yoko Ono

• Introduction from Hunter Davies with a brief biography of John Lennon

• Animated opening-sequence introduction with illustrations by John Lennon

• Link to buy the book on from the app

• Tweet John’s letters to the rest of the world and post content to Facebook from within the app

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Andy Clough

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