JAPAN NEWS: JVC develops Super Hi-Vision projector chip – 17x Full HD resolution!

JVC 8K4K chip

It's just under a year since we brought you news of the work being done by Japanese broadcaster NHK to prepare for Super Hi-Vision TV, offering many times the resolution of current HD TV systems.

The 1.75in 8K4K D-ILA chip is claimed to be the world's first single display device able to handle Super Hi-Vision. It offers a resolution of 35 megapixels – 8192x4320 pixels, against 1920x1080 for current HD TV systems – meaning the 7680x4320-pixel resolution of Super Hi-Vision is well within its capabilities.

The new system is four times the resolution of the 4K2K digital cinema standard already available in JVC's DLA-SH4K pro-use projector.

As well as being used for Super Hi-Vision, JVC says the chip will play a part in the development of what the company calls "the ultimate in imaging technology: ultra-realistic 3D displays."

And this amazing picture quality is going to need a sound system to match. NHK is currently considering 22.2-channel capability.