Intempo Phono
Latest iPod dock mutes the music and takes the call when your iPhone rings

Afraid you might miss an important call when listening to your iPhone? Well you won't with the new Intempo Phono, which will automatically stop the music and take the call when the phone rings.

And if that's not handy enough, your iPhone can also swivel through 90 degrees when in the dock, so you can use it to view films or videos on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Although it's designed specifically for the iPhone, the Intempo Phono will work with any iPod. 

The dock will charge your iPhone, has built-in speakers and a subwoofer, a claimed power output of 20W and digital EQ for altering treble and bass settings, plus a loudness control.

You also get an FM tuner with 20 presets, a multi-functional LCD display, alarm and snooze functions, and a remote control.

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Intempo's Phono is available now for £99.99 from Amazon.

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